Project: Redi-Set Go!

In the Redi-Set-Go project MADCOS worked in collaboration with Y-Kids to deliver a 7 week sports programme to  over 400 children!

The aim of the project was to give all children the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports (including the paralympic sports of Boccia, Curling and Sitting Volleyball) and to promote the seven values of the Olympics – Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Equality, Courage, Determination and Inspiration. During each session, Redi-Set-Go looked at a different value and what it means in sport linked to an aspect of health: friendship to mental well-being; respect to respecting our bodies by not smoking; excellence to healthy foods; courage to being able to be strong in the face of adversity etc.

At the end of the project all schools got together at Maghull High School for the ‘Get Redi Games”. Prizes were awarded by the Paralympic, gold medal winning athlete, Graeme Ballard and each participating school received a set of Boules as a permanent reminder of the project.