MADCOS contributes significantly to community cohesion. Schools working together on shared projects leads to:

  • a greater sense of belonging in the community
  • a greater sense of valuing of everyone in the community
  • a community of equal opportunities in which experiences are open to all and
  • a society in which strong and positive relationships exist

Through the MADCOS co-ordinator local community groups have access to the schools in such a way that they can easily work together for the good of all. The Maghull in Bloom, Hornby Project and WW1 Projects are prime examples of this. MADCOS also has links with wider Sefton groups such as the South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group, Sefton CVS and Sefton Council via the East Area Partnership Meetings. By representing MADCOS on a number of forums the co-ordinator ensures that the schools’ voice is heard and that any opportunities (funding included) are brought to schools. Recent work leading to the setting of a new Mental Health Service – SEAS (Sefton Emotional Achievement Service), is an excellent example of this.

Thus MADCOS provides opportunities for pupils, families and the wider community to take part in activities and receive services which build positive interaction and achievement for all groups.

The work of the MADCOS partnership of schools continues to have a significant impact on the leadership and management of every school. There have been numerous initiatives that done in isolation would have neither been practical, affordable nor had the same impact on the community as when done through the partnership. The curriculum has been broadened and the quality of teaching and learning enhanced by a wide variety of initiatives including: shared inset, effective transition programmes, high standard choir participation, bulk purchasing of resources, curriculum group networking, ECO activities and many more.

One area in which MADCOS has been particularly beneficial has been in School Sports and PE. Primary Schools have used the Government Sports Funding primarily to ‘buy in’ support from specialist High School teachers. An annual programme has been set up between High School and Primary Sports Co-ordinators so that during the course of the year all children have access to competitions at Levels 1,2 and 3, and all primary staff receive high quality CPD. Headteachers use observations and evaluation sheets to monitor this and have already evidenced improved confidence and teaching in this area, thus ensuring that the funding has a lasting legacy.

Partnership working is an Ofsted requirement and MADCOS helps schools to work effectively

‘in partnership with other schools, external agencies and the community to improve the school, extend the curriculum and increase the range and quality of learning opportunities for pupils.’ (Ofsted Handbook 2013)

 MADCOS work was recognized in a recent (Nov 2013) Ofsted Report for a MADCOS School:

 ‘The additional funding provided for sport and physical education has been used effectively. A partnership with a local high school sees sports teachers working directly with pupils and observing teachers to enhance their expertise. This has already led to rising standards in physical education.’

‘There has been a big improvement in the level of support for the most able, supported by partnerships with a local high school. For example, the most-able mathematicians in Year 6 are able to attend the high school, work with specialist teachers and develop a love of the subject.’


Probably the best CPD we’ve ever had in terms of impact on teaching (Head on Sports Funding)

One parent was quoting Simon’s stories to me the other day so it’s good to see them using it .

You can refer parents who are having problems to this resource. (Heads on Simon Ward – MADCOS TV)

All the children loved it and got loads from it. One reluctant writer was enthralled and asked his mum to buy him a diary which he’s now keeping. (Teacher on Anne Frank Workshops)

One child showed an increase in Phonics score from 12 to 39 after one term (Head on Project X Code)

My child has never been so enthusiastic about reading before (Parent on Project X Code)

This has had a very positive impact on the whole school – not just those immediately involved. (Head on Outstanding Teacher Training)

The impact of Assertive Mentoring can’t be overstated (Head on Assertive Mentoring Programme)

This was excellent – the coach was great at getting all the children involved. Great to have a legacy with the Boccia sets

This is the best day of my life! (Head and child on Redi Set Go Project)

The Tempest mini-production was excellent – Both parents and staff said they’d never heard anything like it before. It has been excellent CPD for the new Music Co-ordinator who has gained in confidence and subject knowledge and now understands how to drive towards high quality singing. The performance had a great impact for one boy who struggles academically but was chosen to sing a solo, and 2 who went on to sing in the carol concert. Wonderful for their confidence and self-esteem.

We got a whole lot work out of the Tempest – the music inspired us to bring it into our Literacy work. (Head and Teacher on the Tempest project)

I always used to forget to open the Bulletin and probably missed lots of courses. Now I know that we don’t miss out on anything. (Head on receiving Sefton CPD Bulletin direct)

Key benefit is the saving of HT time. School gets lots out of it with minimal effort.

The best thing for us are the Co-ordinators’ meetings. I can send staff to these they are coming back really enthusiastic.

CPD is marvellous – especially compared to what we had before. (Heads on Various Madcos benefits)