Project: Local History Heritage Group

Local Historian, Pam Russell, led an extra-curricular activity with a group of children and their parents or grandparents. During the six weeks of the club, the families learnt all about the WW1 in the locality and there were guided visits to the local memorials.

Pam used her local knowledge and input from he children to put together a local history booklet which has been printed and distributed to all families in both Lydiate schools, as well as to local libraries, churches, village centres and historical societies. A copy of the booklet has been placed in the National Book Repository in Colindale.

The Heritage Club Programme was as follows:

Week 1         13/1/16         Lydia Roll of Honour

The men, their families, regiments, medals

Week 2         20/1/16        War memorials

Local memorials; Liverpool Memorials; The Cenotaph in London; Other types of Memorials

Week 3        27/1/16         Local Memorials

Off-site guided visit to local memorials

Week 4       3/2/16           Heritage Interpretation

Workshop on methods of presenting the past, by Peter Harvey

Week 5       10/2/16         Where our heroes lived

Maps and pictures of Lydiate as the soldiers would have known it. Identifying streets where they lived.


A booklet has been produced and every family at each of the schools has received a copy. Copies have also been placed in local churches and libraries and given to members of local history societies. You can see an e-copy of the booklet here.